Anthologies show lack of representation from female Irish writers (Lagan Online)

A new “convergence of practising women poets and academics”, Fired!, is responding to the lack of representation of Irish women poets and critics within Irish Literature.

Spurred by this year’s publication of The Cambridge Companion to Irish Poets from Cambridge University Press (with only 13.3% of its contributors women), Fired! seeks to redress this lack of parity. It is asking people to withdraw from literary projects that does not make a “good-faith effort to adequately represent the contribution women make to literature and literary criticism”, as well as highlight the work of Irish woman poets past and present.

We’ll be looking at the Fired! movement in more detail later this month; in the meantime, we’ve analysed a number of past anthologies and critical work, looking at exactly how under-represented women has been in the Irish canon. We’ve counted either the number of poets showcased or analysed (the totals ignoring the number of anonymous works), or the number of essays by female critics. The results speak from themselves, with only one collection achieving near-equal representation. We hope to bring you analysis from further publications shortly. (Read more here)