Fired! in Barcelona 18th October 2018

José Luis Regojo and Dick Edelstein are pleased to announce a new series of free trilingual poetry readings, Poémame en el Raval, held bimonthly at the Cafè de les Delícies, sponsored by the digital poetry publishing platform and critical review Poémame, featuring local poets, known or unknown, and guests from nearby and far away.

On Thursday 18 October at 8 pm — we pay homage to Women Writers Day in Spain (III Día de las Escritoras: mujeres rebeldes y transgresoras en la Biblioteca Nacional de España), celebrated three days earlier. We also celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of the successful Fired! campaign to gain recognition for historical Irish women poets. After the readings by the featured poets, we will be reading a few poems by historical and contemporary Irish women poets, followed by an open mic session. The lineup of featured poets follows:

María Antònia Massanet in Catalan

Geraldine Mitchell (Killadoon, County Mayo) in English

Gemma Rabaneda ( Ze Pequeño) in Spanish