The invisible women poets club; the feminisation of the literary canon in Spanish

THE FEMINIZATION OF THE LITERARY CANON IN SPANISH; ‘The invisible women poets club’ La Vanguardia, 3 March 2018 By Xavier Ayén Pasamonte Photo Credit: Xavier Cervera ————————————————————————————————————- Various anthologies and projects are revising the canon and bringing to light important works ————————————————————————————————————– “One night I dreamed an octopus loved me. / Oh, the unspeakable anguish of that […]

The Seven Sisters reading in Ennis

The Poets Corner, ‘Seven Sisters’ reading at The Record Break Café in Ennis on Saturday 17 February.   Writer and café owner Sinéad Nic Síoda has been holding music and poetry events at The Record Break Café in Ennis for some years. The café is a home from home to the Clare Poetry Collective, some […]

The White Blackbird; Laura Loftus at The Honest Ulsterman

The White Blackbird; The Marginalisation of Irish Women Poets from Literary Magazines During the 1980s by Laura Loftus This neglect of Irish women poets stems from something deeper within the Irish literary community that has prevailed for generations. The establishment of an Irish Free State in 1922 provoked a drive to create a unique Irish […]

The Fired ! Ó Bhéal Readings January 22nd 2018

Readers: Raina J. León, Chris Murray, Nicola Moffat and Kathy D’Arcy reading the works of  Eithne Strong, Geraldine Plunkett Dillon, Mary Devenport O’Neill and Rhoda Coghill All images of The Ó Bhéal Fired! Readings of 22nd January 2018 are © Linda Ibbotson In the fifties The Oxford Book of Irish Verse was published, edited by male […]

José Luis Regojo introducing Fired! in Barcelona

Poémame Magazine: Mujeres poetas irlandesas: Crónica de la lectura poética organizada por Poémame en Barcelona (18/enero/2018): (Read José Luis Regojo’s lecture here) This is a translated article comprising José Luis Regojo’s introduction to Fired!  It notes the inherent sexism of the Spanish greats. Thanks to Dick Edelstein for the translation and for the Public Dropbox […]

Finding Noëlle Ffrench

  Finding Noëlle Ffrench Comment: Hi Your site encourages me, thanks. So far – and it may be my failing – I can find no reference to a published Irish woman poet on whose biography I am currently working. That is Noëlle Ffrench, later (Dr.) Noëlle Davies. She also used the nom de plume Sorcha […]