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Fired! A Celebration of Irish Women Poets
Thursday 26 April, 2.30pm

This Poetry Day Ireland, we invite you to celebrate with us the abundance of women’s poetry in the Irish tradition. Generously hosted by the Dublin Writers Museum in their historical Georgian building, our celebration will take place in the beautiful main gallery, where the bust of the formidable Katherine Tynan will keep a close eye on the proceedings as contemporary poets read from their own work, and from the work of some of the finest historically important Irish women writers.

Introduced by Lucy Collins, English Professor at UCD and author of Poetry by Women in Ireland 1870-1970: A Critical Anthology (2012), this free event will acquaint a new audience to the wealth of talented Irish writers who have been airbrushed from our literary history. And in the true tradition of the Hedge School, we hope that inspired by their words, we will all commit to discovering more about the poetry and literary lives of these extraordinary women.

Dublin Writers Museum, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
Tickets: Free event, advance booking advised

Barcelona Poetry Reading and Fired! Irish Women Poets and the Canon

A Barcelona poetry reading held yesterday in the Café de les Delicíces combined performances by local poets and translators with a tribute to historic Irish women poets in response to the Fired! initiative. Poems performed in English, Spanish and Catalan were received with great acclaim by an enthusiastic audience of local poetry lovers, several of whom joined in to read their own poems. Discussions initiated during the session were still in full force when the café closed its doors just past 11.30 and continued around the corner at the popular Monroe bar in the Filmoteca until the employees of that establishment too decided to lock up and go home, it being a work night for many.

José Luis Regojo, translator of Gary Snyder’s poetry and essays in Spanish and Catalan, and editorial board member of the digital magazine Poémame opened the reading with four of his translations, each followed by the original English version. He prefaced his performance with a discourse on the history of exclusion and denigration of women in the world of Spanish language poetry, as recently discussed in an article in the digital newspaper El Español Three other local poets (Francesca Castaño, Kymm Coveny and Dick Edelstein) then read their poems, mostly in English, a few accompanied by a translation in Catalan or Spanish. Following a break, Inés Caravia closed the featured reading session with a superbly delivered and highly illuminating reading of four poems by the historic Irish women poets Freda Laughton and Geraldine Plunkett Dillon. The enthusiastic applause to each of the poems showed that all were well received by the audience, who greatly appreciated Ines’s well-rehearsed and dramatic interpretations. The good mood continued as several audience members joined in an open mic session with many poems in Catalan and Spanish that also found favor with the audience, most of whom continued drinking and discussing well after the reading finished.

Featured image is © Anna Muñoz: “llums al Café de las Delicias”


A Catalan and Irish response to the call to read Irish Women Poets back into history!

Poetry of Tomorrow and Yesterday (Mostly in English)

Venue: Cafè de les Delícies Rambla de Raval, 47 Thursday 18 January 7.30pm
Poets: Inés Caravia, Francesca Castaño, Kymm Coveney, Dick Edelstein, José Luis Regojo
Dear lovers of the good life

Lately people have been asking us for more poetry … and we are responding. Language itself, abused, tortured, denigrated and perverted, demands more poetry! The earth hurt, frightened, worried, asks for more poetry and again we respond. Catalunya calls for more poetry-and we respond.
From Ireland we are asked for more poetry by historical Irish women poets and we are answering the call.
Dick Edelstein and José Luis Regojo, in collaboration with the magazine Poémame, invite you to an unforgettable poetic evening ending with an open mic session -sign the list before the session to recite your poems or those of others in any language. And then a pica-pica for those who wish to stay awhile. There will also be bar service and food service in the room.
Free entry. email:

Inés Caravia – International interpreter and acclaimed reader of poems by, among others, Gary Snyder and Dick Edelstein – Reading on this occasion poems by Irish women poets.
Francesca Castaño – Winner of the Blackwater Poetry Group Competition 2016 (Ireland) Poetry page
Kymm Coveney – Poems published in several magazines. Member Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET). Literary creation blog: Better Lies


Poetry of Tomorrow and Yesterday (Mostly in English)

Cafè de les Delícies Rambla de Raval, 47 Jueves 18 Enero 19.30 h

Inés Caravia, Francesca Castaño, Kymm Coveney, Dick Edelstein , José Luis Regojo

Queridos amantes de la buena vida !

Últimamente la gente nos ha estado reclamando más poesía … y respondemos.El lenguaje mismo, abusado, torturado, denigrado y pervertido nos reclama ¡más poesía! La tierra dolida, asustada, también nos reclama más poesía y también respondemos.
Catalunya ens reclama també més poesia—i també responem.
Desde Irlanda nos piden más poesía de mujeres poetas
históricas irlandesas y respondemos.
Dick Edelstein y José Luis Regojo en colaboración con la revista Poémame os invitamos a una velada poética inolvidable concluyendo con micrófono abierto —firmar la lista antes de la sesión para recitar poemas tuyos o de otros en cualquier idioma . Y después un pica-pica para los que deseen quedarse un rato. Habrá además servicio de bar y de comida en la sala. Entrada libre. email: dick@ya.comInés Caravia — Intérprete internacional y aclamada lectora de poemas de, entre otros, Gary Snyder y Dick Edelstein — Leyendo en esta ocasión poemas de mujeres poetas irlandeses.
Francesca Castaño — Ganadora del Blackwater Poetry Group Competition 2016 (Irlanda) Web de poesía
Kymm Coveney — Poemas publicados en varias revistas. Miembro Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET). Blog de creación literaria: Better Lies of Tomorrow and Yesterday (Mostly in English)
Cafè de les Delícies Rambla de Raval, 47 Thursday 18 January 7.30pm

The Next Irish Fired ! reading is in Co. Cork, 2018.

January 22nd 2018 – Ó Bhéal

In the fifties The Oxford Book of Irish Verse was published, edited by male poets Lennox Robinson and Donagh MacDonagh. The anthology contained work by eighteen women, which was pretty good going for the time. In 1986, Thomas Kinsella edited The New Oxford Book of Irish Verse. It contained work by one woman – from the Irish, in translation. Kinsella was the translator.

The first FIRED! event was hosted in Belfast on the 18th November 2017, at The Crescent Arts Centre. We hope that it will have been the first of many such events and designed the model explicitly so that it could travel, and be implemented in many other places. ‘FIRED! events are readings wherein contemporary poets read from their own work but also the work of historically important women poets, marginalised from the canon. FIRED! events raise awareness and revive historically important work and as such exemplify a hedge school model of of educating ourselves and making the work live.

This year, the publication of the Cambridge Companion to Irish Poetry has been something of a last straw. We will be reminding the Irish literary world about the beautiful work and talented poets who have been erased from the canon of Irish literature. We want to discuss why this happened, and how we can stop it from happening. We want more than anything to celebrate these women and their words. Audience members will have the opportunity to participate and read at the open-mic, and work by forgotten poets will be available to read from. (Read more here)

Fired! at The Crescent, Belfast


Readings, music and celebration of contemporary and early Irish modernist women poets, Irish language poets and experimentalists. The canon of Irish poetry has consistently omitted the work of many outstanding women. Six contemporary Irish women poets will read from their own work and historically significant others.


Tickets: £8 or £6 Concession
Ticketsolve link:

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